Management Philosophy

As a niche existence to BIG 4 and clients, we, SU Partners Tax Corporation, consider ourselves as being your local private doctor who devotes entirely to customer services, while always seeking professional knowledge. 

The following is our 5 management philosophy. 

  1. Being an accounting firm playing a role in social contribution through our works. 
  2.  Striving for our human revolution and acquisition of professional knowledge, being an accounting firm that can provide our clients with the best services possible, not receiving the best profit from our clients. 。
  3. Assuring the appropriate profit which enables us to expand our business progressively, being a future-oriented accounting firm. 
  4. By adapting to a changing business environments and undergoing self-reformation, being an accounting firm that challenge the future .
  5. With the appropriate profit allocation and the opportunities for self-fulfillment, being an accounting firm that contributes to the happiness of employees.