Founder & Representative Partner, YUKINORI ABE, Certified Tax Accountant


Buyer & Sales for audio and electronics at K.K. Seiyu Store
Sales at K.K. Tokyo Sowa Banking Corp. (Currently known as Tokyo Star Banking Corp.), Yokosuka Branch and Kounandai Branch
Citi Bank, N.A., Tokyo Branch
Vice President For 3 years: Loan/Collection department
For 13 years: Tax Dept. at Accounting Division

Engaged in various tax affairs not only for Citi Bank N.A. Tokyo branch, but Citicorp Security, Citi Trust Bank, covering all the tax related subjects such as preparation of tax returns/attendance at tax audits/tax affairs related to financial products like Stock, foreign bonds, Security Investment Trust, Liberty etc. / Due Diligence for M&A/Income tax issue for foreign employees/calculations on tax effects. 

Since joining Citi Bank Group, has engaged in tax affairs related to international taxation and finance over 30 years. 

1999.10 Established Abe International Accounting Office
2006.4 Established SU Partners Tax Corporation
2016.6~ Outside Director at T&D Financial Life Insurance
2015.8~ Examiner for Private Banker Examination by The Securities Analysts Association of Japan, Tax advisor at Kanagawa Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer’s Association
2016.4~ Sponsored for Transper Pricing/International Taxation Society


Representative Partner, JUNICHI INUI, Certified Tax Accountant


Joined Suzuki Accounting Office
Engaged in tax/accounting works for self-employed, small-mid sized companies
Joined KPMG Accounting & Management Services (Presently known as KPMG Tax Corporation) 
Engaged in the works for subsidiaries of public traded companies, SPC, foreign affiliated companies etc.
Opened Inui Certified Tax Accountant Office
From 2003.9 to 2005.12, engaged in tax/accounting works for SPC at Tokyo Kodo Accounting Office.
Engaged in tax/accounting works for small-mid sized companies, subsidiaries of public traded companies and foreign affiliated companies etc. 
2008.11 Joined SU Partners Tax Corporation


Vice Representative Partner, MASARU MIYAZAKI, Certified Tax Accountant


2001.4 Join Abe International Accounting Office
2006.4 Transferred to SU Partners Tax Corporation
Engaged in Tax/Accounting works for public traded companies, multi-national companies, small-mid sized companies.                                                                      Engaged in tax/accounting works for property fund, bond stock fund.
Engaged in property tax filing works for individual inheritance and income etc. 
Consulting on succession and inheritance for persons with wealth or business owners.
Engaged in work to prepare report of stock evaluation report and corporate reorganization work.